Scott Welsh

About Scott Welsh

I'm a software developer, sports lover, game designer, computer component enthusiast and Twitch Affiliate.

I have a passion for technology and gaming. I studied Software Engineering Technology with a specialty in interactive gaming.

Recently I've been interested in game development, specifically game design and quality assurance. Game technology changes so fast and its fun to learn these new techniques to communicate and do business on the web. As a Twitch streamer it's also fun to engage with the community and learn about all the latest gaming trends.

I love to take things apart and study how computers and games work. One of my favorite hobbies is building and upgrading computers. In my spare time you can either find me playing/making video games or outside enjoying the few Canadian summer months with my family, and going on drives.

I hope for my future that I have stayed on the cutting edge of this field; using technology to share products, experiences and entertainment.

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